Tuesday, 22 January 2013

6. Freedom

*I've said this before but my Onikafaree fics are a lot more popular than my Dricki ones, so I apologise if I don't post on these ones as often. Hope this is okay and yes this is the last chapter, it's only mini but it ends on a happy note :)*

If you left me, how could I go on?
If you walked away from me baby, all the right would turn wrong.

"Why did you come back?"

"I thought that woulda been kinda obvious Nicki." He licked his lips as the car fell back into silence, hearing only the road beneath the tires as they drove. He'd made his way to the cemetery on foot knowing that he needed time to think. Deep down he knew she would act this way but decided to keep his cool so as not to cause any more friction.

"Not really, I mean the way you just left like that you made it seem so easy to walk away."

"It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do actually."

"Of course it was." She kept her eyes on the road, answering him coldly when really all she wanted to do was break down in tears and wrap her arms around his neck.

"I know you're upset and me leaving was prolly not-"

"The best idea? No it wasn't. So, after losing Kai and our baby you just sat there and thought hey what's one more person gonna do to her? No Drake! I needed you here and you just walked out on me. You left me." The hurt started to crack through in her voice as she fought the tears.

"Pull over."

"What? Drake no, I'm not pu-"

"I said pull over." He raised his voice slightly making her grip the wheel tighter in her hands as she roughly snatched it to the side. They came to a stop on the roadside. "I don't know what you want Onika. Tell me, show me or something just anything! 'Cause I sure as hell didn't come all the way back here only to be shut down again!" His shaky breathing filled in the silence as she finally realised how she was behaving. She was really screwing with him without even knowing it. "Y'know? All the messages and the calls made me think that you really did feel somethin'! Then I get back here and what happens? You push me away again. I can't do this anymore Nicki, I won't do it anymore." Reaching for the door handle he stopped when he heard her soft voice.

"I'm sorry." He looked up a little surprised, he'd half expected her to not say a word and let him walk away but for her to say she was sorry was like a newfound hope for him. For them. "I just didn't wanna lose you." She sniffled as she began to cry, keeping her gaze fixed straight ahead at the late-night traffic.

"But you wouldn't have been losin' me, I don't understand how you could think that." Noticing that he'd softened his voice considerably she looked at him as he grasped on to her hand.

"Because of this Drake! We're not even together and look at us, what'll happen when we really do have a huge argument? If you walk out on me for good? I can't have you leave me like that." He had to concentrate a little as he voice was hitched with her crying but heard what she said and he understood completely for he held the same fear.

I've had too many heartaches for my blistering hands.

"I know, I'm scared too."

"Really?" He blushed at her looking at him.

"Well, yeah. I can't even begin to imagine living my life without you but living my life with you and not being with you? It's terrifies me." He chuckled a little to try and soothe the rigid tension.

"I..." She trailed off hesitantly before his hand squeezed hers encouragingly.

"You what?" There was a long stilted silence before she managed to spit it out.

"I do love you though." At that moment he felt a wave of ecstasy wash over him. Even in her vulnerable state and muddled mind she still had the heart and bravery to tell him first.

"I love you too." This was the first time the car was filled with a comfortable silence as they both stared at one another, he could tell she was scared. Her eyes and body language gave away her insecurities. "And I promise I will never, ever leave you." Those were definitely the words she wanted to hear but she couldn't just accept them so readily, her heart was closed to prevent any feeling of pain.

"How do I know you're not just sayin' that?" Once again sniffling she pulled her hand from his grip.

"You want proof?"


"I'll prove it to you." He nodded and smiled whilst his mind ran through the different displays he could do to show her he really meant what he was saying. Suddenly grabbing an idea and running away with it he opened his door quickly.

"Wait! Drake where are you-"

"I'm proving it to you." Climbing out  he randomly jumped up on to the roof of her car, forcing her to step out of the vehicle in shock.

"Oh my God! What are you doing? Are you completely outta your damn mind?"

"Yes, yes I am because I'm in love. I Aubrey Drake Graham am in love with with you, Onika Tanya Maraj." He spread his arms out and continued to yell it out as people started to look at them. That was all the proof she needed. Just hearing him say it so loudly and the genuine tone of his voice made her smile tearfully.

And I'll shout it from the rooftops. I am you, you are me.
You're the one who runs through my veins, 
like a hurricane.

You lift the hurt I've felt before, you and me we could own this Earth.

After around five minutes of gleefully declaring his love for her he jumped down to her level, smiling at how embarrassed she looked.

"You are so crazy."

"It's what you do to me." The cold air made his breath visible in front of her as he panted slightly from all his shouting. "That enough proof for you Onika?"

"More than enough." Smiling back at him she mirrored his actions as he pulled her into his arms before he kissed her once again.

That night was one she'd never forget, not in a million years. The memories were imprinted on her, to be kept forever. Laying with their bodies intertwined she smiled at how peaceful he looked. This time, their night of passion felt right, she felt his every touch filled with love. Still laying with her blissful thoughts she looked across her bedroom wall, her eyes landing on Kai. The love she held for him would never fade but nor would it hold back her strong feelings for Drake. She had room in her heart for all three of them. Sighing contently she smiled at the photo, knowing he couldn't see her but it still gave her a feeling of completeness. She turned gently to be face to face with Drake as he still slept. And so begins the start of their new life.

*I know it's short but it's the ennnnnnnd ^_^ If people would like me to continue then I might consider it, since I'm wrapping up maybe three of my Onikafaree stories :) If I do continue then I'll keep it here and it won't be based off of songs or song lyrics, just normal chapters :) Hope this was okaaay :/ Thanks for reading and to those who left comments last chapter!*


  1. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! That part where he climbed on the roof of the car was so cute!! They're in love and they admit it. Awwww... my babies are happy & cute & magical & Everything is right with the world again. ^__^

    *claps slowly while crying* well done. :')

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