Monday, 28 January 2013

7. Wedded Bliss

"Oh my god, would you stop? The neighbours can see us." Nicki spoke as she wrapped her arms around his neck, securing herself as she clung on to his front.

"Nobody can see us, it's fine." Wading slowly over to the other side of the pool he pushed her back gently up against the side, easing the strain she was feeling on her legs as she tried to keep them wrapped securely around his waist. She could feel him move his hands from under her ass whilst he tried to pull at her bikini bottoms.



"Seriously, Aubrey stop." The end of her demand faded out as her breathing hitched. The result of his tender touch.

"You really want me to stop?" He asked with a smirk, knowing full well that her answer would probably have changed. They were spending the day lazing around their villa in sunny Spain. A honeymoon surprise Drake had organised especially for her.


"What was that? I didn't catch what you said."

"No." She exhaled blissfully. "Don't stop. Keep going." Slowly opening her eyes she stared at his face before bringing her wet hand to his jawline and caressing it affectionately. He stopped touching her for a spilt second to pull at the knot on her bikini, it was off in no time before he continued with his teasing fingertips. Their eye contact remained locked before she moved in to kiss him, sucking slowly on his bottom lip as he proceeded to please her. Feeling herself becoming more and more aroused she returned her arm to his neck and pulled away from the passionate embrace their tongues were involved in.

"Hold up a minute." Stopping all movement he looked around edgily as did she before he cautiously removed his swimming shorts. Giving her a moment to collect herself she ran her dripping fingers through her hair before squinting up at the next door neighbours balcony. They were a fairly elderly couple, enjoying a cool beverage on this sunny evening. Flashing them an uncomfortable smile she soon focused back on her newlywed husband as he teased her entrance with his tip.

"Ah." She flinched at his teasing manner. "Drake we can't, the neighbours are watching." She whined before he looked up at their balcony and gave them a small wave whilst laughing. They had no idea.

"They're not, I promise. Besides, what they gon' do about it?" Easing himself into her he sighed contently as she let a small whimper escape. "Oh God." She moaned. "That feels so good."

"You're so...tight." His shaky exhale made her smile. "Damn Nicki." Letting his face contort with pleasure he lifted her up some more and held on firmly to her waist as he moved her up and down. They were both struggling to suppress their feelings of pleasure, not wanting to put on an adult show for their neighbours. After kissing her some more he moved his attention down to her light pink bikini top, her boobs slowly bouncing as she moved back and forth on him. He could feel her teeth on the nape of his neck as she could feel his on the flesh of her chest. Pulling urgently at one side of her top he yanked it down before covering her nipple with his mouth. His added form of pleasure only made her hips move faster as she felt the signal of her orgasm coming.

"Ah shit." She hissed before moaning out considerably loudly. "Ohh I'm gonna cum." Her groans were nothing but noises of pure lust being echoed into his ear, her stilted and struggling breath sending chills down his spine as the water surrounding them rippled with their movement. Feeling her pull away and throw her head back he stopped sucking on her chest only for her mouth to take its place as she brought her focus back to him, her hips now moving in a circular motion and driving him crazy. Suddenly sensing her body stiffen, no noise escaped her mouth as she rode out the wave of pleasure. Her walls pulsating around him before she came with a lengthy moan. Her whole body fell limp but she continued to grind against him before she felt him swell inside of her and groan throatily into her neck as he released himself. Staying in the same position she ran her long talon-like nails up and down the back of his neck as her head rested sleepily on his shoulder.

"I love you." The words he spoke vibrated in his neck, making her face tingle.

"I love you too." Feeling the cool breeze blowing over their water-beaded skin made them both shiver. Her finger tips were still submerged in the water since her arms were laying lifelessly over his broad shoulders and her legs still wrapped around him.

"We better make a move." Shifting slightly he pulled out of her gently and let her down, her stomach and upwards now joining the rest of her body in the water.

"Our nosy neighbours left the show early." She smiled and returned her gaze back to the now abandoned balcony the elderly couple once sat on.

"That's because noisy Nika put them off."

"Shut up." She splashed him playfully. "You love it when I'm noisy." Floating along side him he couldn't help but smile. He loved seeing her like this. Au natural and happy at the same time. "What are you looking at?" Her cheeky smile made him smirk.

"My beautiful wife." He only broke their eye connection briefly as he grabbed his shorts which were floating on the surface of the water next to him.

"Where are my bottoms?" Frowning a little she stood on her tippy-toes before her feet could fully touch the tiled floor of the shallow end as she pushed her boob back into her bikini top.

"Oh, I'onno." he shrugged after stepping skilfully into his trunks. "Looks like you lost 'em."

"Don't give me that. You know where they are, now give them back."

"Who says I know where they at?"

"Draaake!" She danced on the spot irritably, the cold was really getting to her.

"Aight, calm down I got 'em." The small half smile he exhibited made her scowl playfully before he handed them to her and let her put them on.

"Carry me."

"Carry me, what?"

She rolled her eyes dramatically before speaking again. "Carry me, please?"

"Of course. Hop on little one." Not asking twice she climbed tiredly on to his back and let him loop his arms around her legs as he carried them both up the tiled steps and on to the decking before heading inside.

Their little pool love-making session had left them both tired, this became more evident to Drake after they showered and Nicki fell asleep face down on the bed whilst he lotioned her body. Once he'd covered her up he made his way downstairs and grabbed the menus from the fridge magnet. He couldn't believe their three weeks of heaven were almost over. They'd been together for two years before he got down on one knee on the steps where they first kissed and proposed to her, his dream literally coming true when she tearfully said yes before he slipped the ring on to her finger. It seemed like only yesterday but in reality it was almost a year ago. To think that three years ago he almost gave up on what he could have had, what he has. Returning from New York that night was undoubtedly the best decision he'd ever made. Smiling at the memories he picked up the phone and ordered them something satisfying to eat.


"Mmm, that was so good." She licked her lips between mouthfuls and looked at him. "Where'd you say this was from?"

"That sports bar place down the road."

"Forreal?" She widened her eyes in shock. "Damn, we have to go there again before we leave." After wiping her hands with a napkin she shuffled back into his arms, resting between his legs with her back against his front. "I can't believe we have to go home after tomorrow."

"I know, I don't want this to end." He snaked his fingers through hers and held her hand as they spoke.

"Ugh, It's gonna be so cold back in Philly too." She sighed at the thought of it, until something else began to trouble her mind. "Drake?"

"Yeah?" His eyes followed the back of her head until she was fully facing him. Her eyes lay on her hands as she talked.

"Were you serious about what we discussed on the plane?" His brow furrowed seeing her behaving so nervously. Stroking the length of her hand gently he encouraged her to look up at him.

"Very serious. Why? You havin' second thoughts?"

"No! No, of course not." She breathed calmly. "I just want to be sure that this is what we both want."

"There is nothing I want more than to have a baby with you. I love you." Squeezing her fingers delicately he kissed her hand and pulled her back to him. "There's no rush though, we got the rest of our lives."

"I know but I feel like I'm ready now, don't you? I mean I'm gonna be twenty-six in a few weeks."

"Babe, listen to what you just said." He laughed a little causing her head to move around on his chest. "Twenty-six is nothin'. Besides we already started baby-making in the pool. We didn't use a condom." Kissing her temple he let his face stayed pressed to the side of her head.

"I'm on the pill Mr Graham."

"Oh. Well then you should prolly get off it so I can get to work."

"What?" She laughed hard and sat forward before slapping his stomach. "Whatever! I'm going to bed, we're getting up early."

"We are?" He followed behind her as they headed up the stairs.

"Yup. We're going to that market-place thing. I wanna get my Mom something to take back, it's not everyday you get to go to Spain." Upon entering their room she started running the tap to heat the water.

"Kay, well sounds like tomorrow's all sorted." Taking a seat on the edge of their huge bed he yawned and looked on to the balcony. The jacuzzi was sat with the cover still on it, they hadn't even used it yet. Back in the bathroom she was just patting her face dry when she heard the glass doors sliding open.

"Babe? Was that you?" There was no answer. Turning the light off she moved back into the room only to see him sat in the tub, the bubbles obviously easing his back muscles. She smiled and continued to watch him before slipping out of the shirt of his that she was wearing and joined him outside.

"Oh Nicki, you gotta try this." He never opened his eyes whilst he murmured and jumped after a few seconds when he felt her straddle him. She'd stepped in ever so quietly, her goosebumps disappearing from her naked body as she got further into the steaming water. His hands immediately went to her hips and hers to his shoulders.

"So you're sure about this then?" She whispered and kissed him lightly before he could respond.

"Let's make a baby."


The rest of their honeymoon went smoothly and both were sad to see it come to an end but the excitement of starting their life together as husband and wife now was bringing their spirits back up. Rubbing her eyes she sat herself up and pulled the window cover up. She could see the city growing more distinct below them as the clouds grew thinner.

"Babe, we're abouta land. You need to put you chair up." Holding his forearm she watched him intently as he woke himself and wiped at his mouth.


"We're home, the plane's gonna land soon."

"How long?" She couldn't help but smile as he stretched his arms up like a kid and yawned.

"I'm not sure, but I need to pee while the seatbelt sign's off. Budge your butt."

"Aight, me too."

Making their way down the aisle to the bathroom she swiftly grabbed his hand, stopping him from feeling up on her in public.

"There are kids on this plane y'know?"

"Yeah but this is technically still our honeymoon." He smiled and wiggled his eyebrows.

"I'm not goin' in the cubicle with you, so if that's what you're chasin' then you can stop right now."


"Boy, shut up and go pee." She pushed him lightly and continued to wait her turn before they moved back to their seats and buckled in.

"Hey, look at this." Nodding his head in the direction of the seats nearby she looked over and felt her heart melt. A young woman was rubbing her baby's back as she tried to burp him. His little eyes focused on the both of them before his gummy smile made them grin.

"Awww, he's so cute." He felt her hand clutching at his and looked over her face as she continued to stare. She really wanted a baby.


They'd been home for almost four weeks before she actually booked an appointment with her doctor she was taking absolutely no risks this time. It had taken all these years to come to terms with losing her first baby and she wasn't about to experience that kind of trauma again. Ever.

"What time'd you get us in for?" He spun around on the office chair as she entered with his drink.

"Four, that okay?"

"That's perfect. He smiled lovingly. "C'mere." Moving his hands from his lap he made room for her to sit on him, he could tell she was fretting. "Everythin's gon' be okay y'know?"

"Please, don't say that?" She pushed herself off of him and stared down at his face. "You don't know for sure, I mean anythin' could happen." Her words made him look away and sigh. "Look, I just don't wanna get my hopes up. That's all. I know you're only tryin' to help."

"I wanna say somethin' before we get into his whole baby situation." He waited for her to acknowledge him before he continued. "It's not gonna be you and the baby. It'll be us, so I'm gonna be involved. I don't wanna feel pushed out, so please don't make me feel like an outsider in all of this Onika?" There was silence once he'd finished.

"I'm not tryin' to make you feel like that."

"I know you're not." He stood up, quickly regretting what he'd said when he caught a glimpse of the photo taken when Kai was born. His lifeless body cradled in her arms, his existence cruelly snatched from her. "I didn't mean you were, I just don't wanna be on the outside lookin' in, y'know? This'll be our baby and our life." He enveloped her in a hug and kissed her head, feeling her arms wrap around his waist too he relaxed. "So what's gonna go down at this appointment then?"

"Well, I just want some medical advice. Plus I wanna know if they think I'm in the right place, mentally and emotionally to be tryin' to get pregnant."

"What if they say you're not?"

"Then we wait 'til I am, I guess." She pulled away and grabbed her cup, sipping from it slowly. "Oh, and I'ont wanna tell my family just yet. I think we should wait 'til I'm actually pregnant before we go announcing things. Agreed?"


*I know not too many ppl were super bothered about me continuing but I had partially written this up anyway so I posted it XD Hope this was okay, and thanks to those who commented on chapter 6 :))*


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